• Vendor Information Packet

  • Thank you for your time and attention in providing the information and representations requested herein. CPR Builders Inc. intends to and will reply upon the responses you provide below. Please ensure that the answers you provide are true, correct, and current. After submission, you agree to notify us immediately, in writing of any change affecting any item in this Vendor Information Packet or any occurrence of condition that may affect CPR Builders Inc.’s decision to engage or to continue to work with your firm. Examples included but are not limited to: changes in insurance coverage, changes in the status of any license(s), changes in company name, location, or key contacts, lawsuits, etc.

    When completed please email the following requested documents to:

    [email protected]

    • Licenses
    • W-9 Form
    • Insurance Requirements for
      • Liability
      • Worker’s Compensation
      • Commercial Auto

    Please review for specific insurance requirements that apply to you and attach copies of proof of Insurance.
    *If you become an approved vendor and a project is granted to you, we will request insurance certificates to list CPR Builders Inc. as a certificate holder and additionally insured as well as the company which you will be providing service or perform work.
    Insurance Certificates for approved projects: In order to perform work, Insurance Certificates will have to be issued and the endorsement should read: CPR Builders Inc. and the job name.

  • CPR Builders Inc. have a strict policy that any referrals, rebates or other monetary gratuities are prohibited and any vendor who is found to participate in such an arrangement will immediately be removed from our vendor list.

    Your signature will certify that all the information provided on all pages of this Vendor Packet is accurate and will notify CPR Builders Inc. of any change(s) in the information.

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